Ready-To-Go Webinars

Are you currently using Webinars to generate leads for your company’s sales team? If not, you are missing out on a highly effective way to qualify and engage prospects.

If your company is already producing Webinars, you know the time and effort that is required to ensure a high-quality, well-attended Web event.  Are your results matching your efforts?


Based on the experience of putting together dozens of Webinars for our clients,  REV Demand has developed “Ready to Go Webinars” to make the Webinar process as simple as possible.

There are some common pitfalls many businesses face with Webinars, including:

  1. Choosing an interesting topic and creating compelling content
  2. Selecting a presentation style and engaging presenter(s) and/or moderator
  3. Promoting the event adequately to achieve desired attendance
  4. Technical difficulties with the presentation (many can be prevented with practice
  5. Planning for adequate follow-up after the event
  6. Re-purposing Webinar content for additional marketing initiatives

To address these common issues, REV Demand has developed “Ready-to-Go Webinar” consulting services that incorporate Webinar best practices and ensure Webinar success for our clients.

Let’s compare a “Do It Yourself” Webinar with a REV Ready-to-Go Webinar:


If you are ready to kick-start your sales cycle with Webinar marketing, we are ready to help.  Contact us for more information on our “Ready-to-Go Webinar Kit” that includes everything you need to get started.


Frequently-Asked Questions

What is included in a Ready-to-Go Webinar?

How much does a “Ready-to-Go Webinar” cost?

For an average Webinar including all the services listed above, you could expect to spend 20+ hours in planning and preparation, in addition to the hard dollar costs.  For the small business owner getting started with Webinars, or the overloaded marketing manager that doesn’t want to worry about getting “butts in the seats,” Ready-to-Go Webinars offers an extremely cost-effective inclusive package of $1,595 per Webinar.

Thinking about producing a recurring monthly Webinar or a Webinar series?  If so, take advantage of REV’s multi-Webinar discount packages* listed below:

3-Webinar Package = $3,600
6-Webinar Package = $6,000
12-Webinar Package = $9,000

*All Webinars must be conducted within 12 months of the initial agreement.

Is a Webinar right for my target market?

If your target market includes any of the following characteristics, a Webinar could be the perfect venue for marketing your company:

  • Geographically dispersed
  • New for your organization
  • A niche market that your competitors are not targeting
  • A market that your competitors are targeting, but are not educating via the Internet
  • Typically, decision makers in this market do not have time/prefer not to attend live events
  • Decision makers are Internet-savvy and prefer to research online before making buying decisions
How long does it take to put together a Webinar?

We recommend starting to plan your Webinar six weeks before your intended presentation date to provide adequate time for preparation, practice and promotion.


Contact REV today to get started on using Webinars to build your prospecting database and generate leads.


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