I read an article published on LinkedIn by Appreciation Marketing, and it struck me as a timely reminder of how we can take our customers for granted.

“Do you know the #1 reason why your customers do not return to do business with you again, or refer you business? The #1 reason is because of perceived indifference! Do you know what perceived indifference means? It’s a fancy way of saying they think you DO NOT CARE.”

“Obviously you care, but if the perception is that you don’t, guess what the reality is? You do not care. Perception is reality.”

Ouch! That started me thinking about how I can better show my customers appreciation–how about you? And while the focus in this article is on customers, I believe this same truth can apply to our strategic partners, upon whose referrals us B2B marketers base much of our business. So the challenge is: What can we do to show our customers and referral partners how much we care about them?

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Send a hand-written thank you note thanking them for business earned or referred
  • Offer to promote their events, sales, etc. in your own communications and to your other customers
  • Ask “Who can I refer to you right now?” Maybe they are looking for a specific referral at that moment for a targeted product/service/event
  • Give away copies of a business book that you found particularly interesting or helpful
  • Host a customer appreciation/partner appreciation party
  • Send them some goodies (cookies, chocolates, etc.) from a local business

Hope these ideas help you “show the love” to your customers and partners. Let us know if you have some other unique suggestions!

Tara is focused on her clients and the need to get their messaging out in the best way possible. Her guidance and advice come from experience and expertise in effective communication to clients and prospects. Her advice to me over the years has been extremely helpful. Tara is a professional in every sense of the word! | David Shavzin

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